Form Follows Function: Aprilia

Aprilia is an Italian motor cycle company. It started as a producer of scooters and small engine motorcycles, till it moved on to producing larger engine motor bikes. Examples of these are the 1000cc V-Twin RSV Mille and the V4 RSV4. Since then, it has gained considerable success in road-racing. A good Aprilia dealer London markets have is definitely what you need when it comes to motor bikes of the the best quality.

Both the latest and the used Aprilia bikes are readily available. For anyone interested in this range of excellent bikes, then Aprilia dealer London companies have to be the first port of call.

To understand the scope and quality of what you can buy, then you might want to consider these two motor bikes Aprilia dealer London markets offer.

There is the Caponord 1200 Travel PK. Aprilia is able to translate the experience it has gained from Motor Cycle Racing into producing this new bike. The 1200 V2 engine has considerable torque and power, but it is equally at home in the city streets, as it is on the open road.

Form follows function may be a term derived from modern architecture, but it certainly applies to this bike. A lot of thoughts have gone into aerodynamic design through prolonged wind tunnel tests. The wind shield for example, has been made adjustable to get the right “profile” for both rider and passenger, when riding into the wind. This also extends the use of electronics, where developments gained from racing have been used to enhance the performance of this bike. A balance has been struck between form and function on the chassis itself. This Aprilia is made of steel piping and forged aluminum piping which are left exposed. This bike is a sculpture in itself. It also delivers in terms of performance and reliability.

Italy has always been synonymous with excellent design. It also has a very fine engineering tradition. It renders products that perform and work very well. They also look good as well. With that, there is a motor cycle that really encapsulates the spirit of Italy and Italian design. That of course is the scooter. Aprila have brought out a new sports scooter. This is the SR 50. This maybe at the other end of the market, but it still retains many of the Aprilia racing bike characteristics. This scooter has a liquid cooled engine, a double disc braking system and a direct injection engine. The SR 50 has double disc brakes and excellent shock absorbers. Safety features are also of prime importance. At present, there are two engines on offer. There is a reliable two-stroke engine with a carburettor. There is also a second generation Ditech engine that runs very efficiently.

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