Important Things to Know Before Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad offers vast opportunities to discover the world and also hone your experiences in particular professions. By choosing the right volunteer program, you will be able to apply yourself fully and also make a great deal of difference in the world. Some people mix the experience with tourism, a phenomenon commonly known as “voluntourism”.

Real volunteering abroad program generally involves giving fully in terms of your time, skills, resources and expertise without expecting any payment in return. Most of the places where you will take up volunteer programs in countries such as Fiji and India are some of the depressed even by the country’s standards. These communities are grappling with a host of challenges such as poor health, lack of education, poor nutrition and even environmental degradation. By taking up volunteer India or volunteer Fiji opportunities in some of these places, you can contribute in your small way towards the welfare of these communities.

When taking up volunteering abroad opportunities in these places, you don’t always have to “fly solo”. There are various reputable volunteer abroad programs that have everything mapped out and which can help you discover the best opportunities to make a difference based on your skills, passions and preferences.Read more at

One of these organizations is Involvement Volunteers International which has a host of hassle-free packages that you can choose in order to maximize your experiences. For a fee which varies based on the package, you will be assured of placement programs with a variety of nonprofits in far off communities that give you the best option to make a difference. Generally, these volunteer packages also come with accommodation, food, transfers as well as accurate information about the destination where you are planning to volunteer.

Goal Alignment

When you are looking for volunteer opportunities, you need to evaluate many things beyond just your material considerations. For example, you need to ensure that the organizations that you will volunteer with have ethics and goals which are aligned with yours. It should not be one that is profit-driven. It should be a socially driven nonprofit that is solely committed in improving the local conditions. You should watch out on the “briefcase” nonprofits with a profit motive and whose aim is to maximize on the earnings from volunteer placement programs for personal gain. A good and ethical nonprofit will be one that reinvests its proceeds into the community.

Helpful Tips When Planning to Volunteer Abroad

Once you have a determined that a particular volunteer placement program has goals which align well with yours, you can proceed and ask them about their cost breakdown. Make further inquiries on how the organization that you are planning to volunteer with works with the local communities as well as what will be required of you. This should be included in the organization’s charter. If you are planning to volunteer in Fiji on a nutrition program, ensure that the fees that you will be paying go towards the support of the local communities. It is natural for organizations to make deductions for administration purposes but the bulk of the fees should go towards supporting causes which you are passionate about.